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-Expect to have a fun time at your shoot!

-Be on time to your session! Shoot times are often scheduled around the sunset. If you're late, the "sun don't wait" and we will not go past our scheduled end time.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

-Normal turn around time is about about two weeks after your premier ordering session.

-You'll see your photos two days before your premier ordering session with the Luxe and Lite collection.

ShutterChic: - [shuht-er][sheek]Shutter: a mechanical device for opening and closing the aperture of a camera lens to expose film. Chic: as in dress or decor, that expresses a specified trendy lifestyle or activity.

How did I come up with name ShutterChic? Answer: I wanted something that would describe a photography business and express what people feel about my style of photography. ShutterChic clients are up to date, love the next big trend, expect their photos to be awesome and want to show them off and share with their friends!